Ch. 40 – Wounds

Wounds – Finduilas POV – 1 of 2

In which Finduilas observes the wounds carried by those around her, physical and metaphysical, fresh and closed, the scars they leave behind, the emotional toll they take.


This was the chapter when Thorongil convinced me he wasn’t such a bad fellow after all, and where he took a large step towards becoming Aragorn.

Finduilas continues to try to understand her grim, headstrong husband, as well as figure out just who she is as the Lady of the White Tower. She’s definitely won over the hearts of the populace, but just how much political power she’s wielding yet, compared to what Maiaberiel commands, is questionable.

One of the fandom tropes I invert in HotK is that Thorongil is not attracted to Finduilas (because Hot Elf Chick), that she is in love with/attracted to him, and that Denethor is frantically jealous of it all. Instead, I have Thorongil be more than just a little in love with Finduilas (because Hot Elf Chick), have Finduilas be completely ass-over-teakettle in love with Denethor, and have Denethor be incapable of jealously because A) it is right that everyone is in love with the Queen and B) if she doesn’t love him back, it’s his own damn fault. Eventually C) there is no way she could love anyone other than him will enter the picture, but that’s a later chapter.


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