Ch. 39 – Change

Change – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor begins to understand that nothing will be the same.


Slowly, Denethor gets used to the idea that his place is in the City and not out on the front lines. He’s not particularly happy about it, but having Finduilas makes it easier. Sometimes. If he could only See her.

This is a slow chapter that lays a lot of ground work for later developments. Maiaberiel is her usual revolting self, though the Steward is almost reasonable. The biggest change is in Thorongil.

2 thoughts on “Ch. 39 – Change”

  1. I can’t remember which chapter of these recent ones had the exact bit, but — I had begun to assume that it was some failing of Denethor’s that he couldn’t See Finduilas. Apparently he assumed the same. But then later Brandir can’t, either. The mystery deepens.

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    The newest chapter starts to parse things out a bit. It is not a failing in Denethor, though it will lead to one.


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