Ch. 38 – Found

Found – Denethor POV – 2 of 3

In which Denethor finds himself in hot water, the Captain in the woods, the Steward in a good mood, and his patience wearing thin, but still cannot find an answer to why anyone would wish to remain Lost.


Thorongil is beginning to grasp that he is going to have to pick sides.

Denethor can’t grasp why Thorongil won’t pick not precisely sides, but Gondor. He never will.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 38 – Found”

  1. “As they passed through the gate from the fifth circle to the sixth, Denethor looked proudly at the Citadel wall. No dark pyre would ever mount to the sky from Minas Tirith.”


    I love the bit that follows, though.

  2. Yeah. Ouch.

    But it does have a certain continuity in his life’s arc. By the time we get to the end of HotK, his suicide can be understood as defiance as much as despair, and as passing final judgment on himself, finishing the work begun with the Dragon Fire.


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