Ch. 37 – Mated

Mated – Denethor POV – 1 of 3

In which the Fool reveals a terrible truth, the Captain is terse, the Steward is misled, the City sings, and the Lady has a contest of wills with the Warden.


He wakes up the morning after he and Finduilas make love for the first time and… well, it’s Denethor.

Denethor has to scramble and come to grips with the change that has happened. He learns that being clever can be exhausting. And that deception can destroy. In the chapter is an extended contemplation of the bonding of souls that Tolkien presented to us, and how such a thing affects humans and elves. Denethor ponders what it means to be mated, and wonders at pairings rent asunder or incomplete. One love opens him to another.

As much as I love these two getting all hot and bothered, the heart of the chapter is Denethor’s encounter with the City and all of her lost mates.

He is in such deep shit with his wife. Heh.

Also, poor Brandir.


3 thoughts on “Ch. 37 – Mated”

  1. Well. Of course Mr. Snarly is going to retreat to the library in the face of profound physical and spiritual transformation. I admit at points I was laughing out loud at his consternation. Still, I wonder what this not being able to See his wife is all about. Is it because she didn’t achieve orgasm yet? I kind of hope so! Ha.

    This story continues to be a somewhat uncomfortable obsession, partly because – well – we know how it ends; partly because there are some ideas and themes that had occurred to me as well but of which I had not completed a proper exploration via fic, and I don’t want to poach (though I will gladly give credit for influence or at least “great minds thinking alike”)

  2. (Goddamn it, trying to post via phone from abroad)
    …partly because certain aspects…hit a little, or a lot, close to home. Oh man. Uh.

    I’m posting from a hammock set up in a field in southern Germany… Should have gone to sleep long ago… Have to get up in a few hours an be professional… It’s all your fault. 😀

  3. Hi Wheelrider,

    Feel free to give credit for inspiration and write away. I will also loan out characters.

    Heh. When in doubt, read a book. More seriously, what he’s trying to figure out for himself is how can his sexuality, something he’s always spurned as base, lustful, perverse, corrupt, be made part of an ethical life. Ciryon’s book does this for him; it gives him confidence (and thus permission to act) that his desire for Finduilas is something good. It will take him a little while, but he’s a fast learner.

    As for why he can’t See her, that will take the rest of the story to explain.

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