Ch. 33 – Between

Between – Finduilas POV – 3 of 6

In which Finduilas spends the last few days between her old life and her new. Tales are told, dreams occur, and wishes come true. Politics and portents abound.


This is a bridging chapter, wrapping up a few narrative odds and ends and laying the groundwork for what’s to come next. Kind of like getting ready for a wedding. Maiaberiel is in for a nasty surprise is all I can say.

People are still trying to puzzle out the reasons behind Finduilas’ choice of Denethor over Thorongil, Denethor as much as anyone else. The only people who aren’t surprised are Beregar and Aiavalë. Denethor is having intimacy issues. I’m not sure he will ever not have intimacy issues. Sigh. Though he was a very good little brother.

The next chapter is the wedding.


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