Ch. 32 – Cold

Cold – Finduilas POV – 2 of 6

In which more than the weather has a chilling effect.


Special treat! At the foot of the chapter is a link to a PDF diagram of the four floors of the Stewards House. Not really to scale, but will give you an idea of how the rooms are laid out.

Finduilas has arrived in Minas Tirith much in the way her brother, Imrahil, will do so just over 40 years later, though what she arrives to battle is more subtle than Sauron. Her return to Minas Tirith begins, as so many marriages do, with the household and economics.  As days pass and the City fills, politics is as much on Finduilas’s mind as romance.  A new prince has arisen, and is to be reckoned with.

Continuing the theme of how women wield power, Finduilas is introduced to the Lady’s Grace by her cousin-in-law-to-be, Borondir. She rather likes the challenge. I also explore the way the Stewards rule and how they must be very careful in their public self-presentation to tamp down envy and faction.

One question that doesn’t get answered very well in the books is why was Denethor, the most eligible bachelor in Gondor, unwed at such a late point in his life, especially given that he is just as tall, dark and handsome as the illustrious Captain Skulking Eagle? Much is his own depressive view of what fates holds for him, but here we have a hint that Aiavalë wasn’t exactly a bystander in her little brother’s love life. She wanted him for herself just as much as Maiaberiel did (and does).

Speaking of love life, Denethor may not really have anticipated how much his wife has the serious hots for him. Heh.


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