Ch. 28 – Vows

Vows – Denethor POV – 4 of 6

In which the betrothal finally takes place, several kisses are exchanged, Imrahil gets a few cameos, politics are tangled, and Telperien demands to be noticed.


A lot of different vows are performed, broken, reported on and pondered, with two that stand in contest with others.

Denethor vows to wed Finduilas, despite having vowed that he would never wed. He finds out that Thorongil has refused to vow to become a man of Gondor, cease to be a mercenary and forsake the Lost. In every major scene, Denethor confronts a broken vow or ponders the effects of a vow taken. Vows have weight in the Ardaverse, and it isn’t wise to break one, even under necessity.

There’s also the fact that Denethor is having to come to terms with his own sexuality, which is not exactly a pleasant thing to do. The only woman he has kissed in a purely sensual way up until this point in his life is his sister. This man doesn’t have issues – he has subscriptions.


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