Ch. 15 – Fidelity

Fidelity – Finduilas POV – 1 of 3

In which Finduilas is told a secret, asks a question, learns about rule, meets distant kin, and finally gets her hands on Denethor.


This is a quiet chapter, building on things that came before and setting up for the big finale. The theme is fidelity, marital and otherwise.

This is a theme that is running through the story and will continue until the end. Basically, I am trying to describe how marital fidelity works in the Ardaverse, given Tolkien’s construction of Elven monogamy. If Men and Elves are two kinds of a similar being (as he discusses in his letters) then there could be something in Men, particularly the Edain, even more particularly those families that have some percentage of Elven blood in them (as JRRT confirms Finduilas has via Mithrellas, and as I posit Denethor has as a distaff descendent of Elendil), that would act in a similar manner, if lacking the mortal consequences. Men are able to be unfaithful, though at a cost, but they are also able to come very close to Elven conditions of emotional/physical bonding. I think that Arwen’s ability to see Aragorn in her thoughts while he sojourns has something to do with the kind of soul bonding Tolkien describes, even though they are not yet married. So, what’s going on? How does it happen? What are its signs? How is it understood and explained by the Dúnedain themselves? In developing Denethor & Finduilas’s relationship, I’m going to try to explain it.



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