Ch. 14 – Salvage

Salvage – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor and Thorongil have a brief, completely factual and utterly misunderstood conversation, Beregar recounts a mistake, the humorous side of the Silmarillion is presented, an old acquaintance shows up, and the cat enjoys herself.


And now Aiavalë is trying to be funny. Sheesh.

Once again, having the most learned man in Gondor as your protagonist pays off. Denethor can tie current events to ancient tales like nobody’s business. Placing the conflicts, with Sauron, with Ecthelion, with Thorongil, into the context of Dúnedain history makes Denethor’s wariness about and resistance to the mysterious captain and the pushy wizard more than just personal pique; he’s looking at historical precedence.

The romance is moving right along, with Denethor resisting and Finduilas clueless. Luinil does her best to move things along, as does Aiavalë.

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