Ch. 8 – Ruins

Ruins – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor plots rebellion, challenges a mercenary, talks to an uncle, and says something he will regret for a very long time.


This chapter is mostly backstory and political machinations, but it also takes time to look at different locations in Gondor, in this case Pelargir.

Denethor has an opportunity to ponder Halmir’s final “words” at leisure, and this leaves him more curious about the captain than ever. He also gets to show off more of his own athleticism and return to an odd branch of his family. It exposes an aspect of his personality that is oddly like Bilbo Baggins – he wants to (and enjoys) go off on adventures into strange lands. Down to Umbar. Off to the wild North. Over the Sea. Into places of legend. In Númenórean times, Denethor would have been a great sea captain.

After returning to Minas Tirith, there is another exchange with the Steward, and again we get the twisted version of what Gandalf must be telling him. Denethor picks up on it, even as he is angered at what the Steward is trying to do, and we get an idea of what might have been had Denethor been less suspicious and Gandalf less arrogant.


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