Ch. 1 – Assumptions

Assumptions – Denethor POV

The start of an epic. The quotes that open the tale will be echoed at the very end. The Book of Job, Leviathan, Moby Dick and Othello; all are favorites of mine and each has something to say about the characters we are about to encounter.

The first is the challenge of the Powers, demanding to know why some mortal dares to question the way things are. With Hobbes, he points out that it is power (the sword) that makes men keep their covenants, and that it is power that secures peace. Melville begs us to look upon the twisted Ahab and try to see the man beneath the fury, one who has won the love of a young woman. Finally, Desdemona tries to explain why she would bind herself to this strange, fearsome man – she sees not the face, but the imagination behind it, and gives herself wholly to it.

Answering and exploring these four passages will take about 85 chapters.

In this chapter, we meet Denethor and Finduilas as they meet each other, along with a host of secondary characters, in particular Thorongil, Adrahil, Luinil, Aiavalë and Maiaberiel.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 1 – Assumptions”

  1. If the shipwright-knowledge left Gondor with Castamir then how did King Umbardacil take Umbar by storm and reconquer the ancient haven? Gondor lacking a fleet is canon, but your reasoning for that is incorrect.

  2. Land attack.

    Castamir’s support was in Umbar, the ports & coasts, so the most skilled shipwrights – those able to build ships of war – went with him. Gondor could still have built ships, but not any that would have been able to compete on the sea with the Corsairs. This is why Umbar was so dangerous. They could strike at will along the shoreline.

    Thus, Umbardacil would have attacked by land, where they still held sway. Not saying he didn’t use ships of some kind, but the major force would have been overland. As soon as Gondor lost control of Umbar again, they lost control of the sea.

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