Ch. 12 – The Blooding

The Blooding

POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which someone gets Rory’s goat, Bilbo recites a poem about flower and fruit, wolves are noticed in Northfarthing, and a rat, a snake and a badger have a little chat.


Wintermark begins in earnest and the family is (temporarily, I’m sure) on relatively good behavior.

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Ch. 11 – Preparations


POV – Bilbo/Frodo (In each of the next five chapters, the POV starts with Bilbo and shifts back to Frodo.)

In which Bilbo ponders tradition and Frodo ponders obedience.


So, if the last chapter was about the loss of history, what do hobbits remember of their cultural past? Less with each generation.

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Party Line

There are many misapprehensions about what a mass political party does and how it delivers votes to candidates and political goods to constituents. This is becoming clear as I observe the floundering of the Sandernista “Our Revolution” types, but it’s worth working out. Consider this more a PSA than anything, though I will take some swipes at the stupid along the way.

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Ch. 10 – Hedge and Bridge

Hedge and Bridge

POV – Bilbo

In which an axe is named, Sara’s ribs are mentioned, salt is pondered, and the history of the Dwarves and the Elves is recounted.


Hobbits have a hard time with history. In JRRT’s account of them, they were relatively recent comers to Arthedain, having long been nomads.

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Wonder Woman

A peculiar thing is happening in the American press and throughout the social media that I follow.

Everything is the fault of the Democrats (and/or liberals in general) for happening, and everything is the responsibility of the Democrats/liberals to repair. This is not a new demand, though it has risen to a roar since the orange shitgibbon clawed out the EC victory last November. I’m a steadfast Hillary supporter, so you can imagine my volcanic rage at the abuse being heaped upon her head, but the sentiment encompasses more than just her. She is a focus, but the not the phenomenon itself.

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