Finally, good things have arrived

For the 3 or 4 people who occasionally look at my blog, I finally have good news. My health is back on track after a long year of tests, exams, head scratching and experiments with medications. I have a chronic (but now manageable) condition and an excellent medical team to rely on.

Which means I have finally been able to look for a new job and the accompanying change in medical insurance. I didn’t dare risk being in an insurance gap situation until I had things under control. So, two weeks after my last major procedure, I posted my resume. In four days, I had lined up multiple interviews. It took only nine days from first call to handshake to secure my new position, and I am totally stoked about the opportunity.

I’ll be busy the rest of the year settling into the new place, and hope to get back to writing in early 2020.


And life keeps happening

I know there’s been some new comments from readers and no new posts from me. Turns out I wasn’t out of the woods on my health and job related things are not going that well. It’s going to be a rough year. I don’t see time for writing for the next few months, possibly until 2020.



A new year and a new story – Century

Century has never been published before and has been read only by two editors. I began writing it in January 2016 and it got me through that awful year of hope destroyed. Perhaps that’s why Bilbo is so grim.

Bilbo turns 100, and the past becomes very much the present. Four months of summer edging into autumn, much of which is spent walking about Southfarthing, visiting kin and looking for signs of the Parting. The legacy of Buckland has deep roots and bears poisoned fruit.

Century is Bilbo looking back at his long life and wondering how it has brought him to where he is.

Mature topics, language and scenes throughout the story. 

I will follow my previous convention of tagging the story chapters with the main POV and all speaking parts. What will be different is that I will only post a chapter after I’ve completed the draft chapter of the story I’m currently writing, The Mistress. It takes me two to four weeks to write a draft chapter, depending on the length of the chapter, how well I’ve planned it, how frenetic my life is, etc. I’m also getting a genealogy chart ready to post as a PDF, which should help with keeping track of the main characters.

To my loyal readers, thank you so much for sticking with me. I hope this story will be worth the wait.